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1 Million Steps

4 August 2010



Global Corporate Challenge Day 1

20 May 2010

Well I have decided to do the Global Corporate Challenge again having done it two years ago. I have just got to work and the trusty pedometer is reading 2183 steps.

Good Luck to everyone else doing the GCC this year.

125 Days Later

24 September 2008

Well after 125 days I have finally completed the Global Corporate Challenge and what a great experience it has been. Some of the highlights of the last 125 days have been:

  1. Spending quality time with my kids, it isn’t as much fun walking alone.
  2. Discovering 101 different ways to walk 5000 steps around my neighbourhood.
  3. Discovering how hard it is to walk 31500 steps in one day, my best effort.
  4. Having to collect lost tennis balls around the local tennis club.
  5. Discovering Bob Padula’s blog and the many walks on it and meeting him on one of them.
  6. Being inspired to walk Mt Feathertop this summer, have to use this new found fitness for something.

One Million Steps

25 July 2008

I just clocked over a million steps as part of the Global Corporate Challenge, makes me feel pretty good and hopefully a little healthier.

GCC Day 1

22 May 2008

At the end of day 1 of the Global Corporate Challenge, I am looking at my pedometer with a little over 12,000 steps on it. I am hoping to be able to average 10,000 steps over the 125 days. It was interesting today to know that I clock up about 2,000 steps getting to work in the morning so maybe I am not as sedentary as I think I am.

Global Corporate Challenge

30 April 2008

I just signed up to do the Glogal Corporate Challenge in 2008, 125 days of tracking how many steps I do. Let the fun commence!