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BPM for Dummies

19 February 2008

Looks like BPM for Dummies has become latest title in the Dummies series. My initial reaction to this was one of despair at the thought of all these managers rocking up to work after reading the book with the solution to their problems. On reflection I think there is a silver lining to this cloud and that is the fact that business process modelling would become a natural progression of this discussion.

A common theme I seem to hit when on a project, is trying to represent the requirements and the design in format(s) that both parties understand and therefore can agree on. A business process is just one of these formats and I dare say that if the business creates these preferably the target state business process then we have a great starting point.

The only question is do I rush out and buy a couple of copies of the book or not?


Domain-Driven Design: I think I should read this

20 December 2007

Over about a six month period I constantly came across the book Domain-Driven Design by Eric Evans on peoples desks. Because of this I also found myself picking this book up in the bookshop probably because it has an eye catching cover. Having had these experiences I decided it was a book that I had to read so I have started, I am through the introduction part of the book and am now into the meat.