About – Blair Bryant

I got my first computer, a VZ200 on the 4th Febuary 1984 and on the next day after returning from a scout camp I sat up to the late hours of the night reading the manual cover to cover. I had just learn’t to program in a language called BASIC sowing a seed that would lead me to become an Architect. How do I know the exact date well my mother kept that receipt, I guess I should repay her that $169 at some stage. From that point on I was hooked, computers have been part of my life from that moment on.

I quickly outgrew the VZ200 and got a TRS-80 Color Computer which was better able to grow as I learnt more.

In a round-about sort of way I finally ended up as a computer programmer in Wangaratta rewriting an accounting package for Express Bookkeeping from their DOS version to a Windows version in Visual Basic. This was in the late 90’s with the internet just starting to appear and Carl & Gary’s Visual Basic Home Page being the web site for any VB programmer. I eventualy found myself in Melbourne, Wangaratta didn’t quite grow into the IT hub I was hoping it would.

I became an IT Architect in 2000 while working for Expert Software Service and despite being called an Architect my role on projects constantly varies.


One Response to “About – Blair Bryant”

  1. Raj Krishna Says:

    Hi Blair,

    Its raj or Mrs Raj here. Hello from India. I heard about Victoria’s bushfire stories and I heard tthat the impacted area were around Bairnsdale. I am hoping all is well for Sharon? Please drop me a one liner,also possibly her email id. Please reply to ishanikrishna@gmail.com

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