SOA Usability

As an organisation we are madly trying to define Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and get some traction so that it is incorporated into designs more than it is today. At the moment we are trying to build up a wiki site that embodies what SOA means within our organisation so that we capture what we have learnt but also provide somewhere people can discover the process. While reviewing the site I was a bit taken back by the inclusion of Usability and Accessibility as a section. In there I found links to suck things as:

  • User Experience Guide
  • Intranet Colour pallet
  • Terms like ‘Boiling the ocean’ and ‘Mountain out of a mole-hill’ spring to mind looking at this. Yes SOA is a cultural shift as well as a technical shift for an organisation but you need to have a clear defined message that you can lay out so people can follow adding noise to the message just reduces the chance of success.



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