2-Pizza Team

Listening to another great hanselminute podcast Scott mentioned a concept used at amazon called the 2-Pizza Team. It is a a team where the team size is no larger than 2 pizzas can feed. It turns out that the essence of it is to have a team of the right size to facilitate communication within the team.

At a recent Technology Briefing at ThoughtWorks an example was given of a company where they had made a plan to go down an agile approach and as a result all but one of the original development team are with the company today. I guess in this case either the individuals didn’t want to change or alternatively they didn’t have the personal traits to work in an agile team. The type of individual on a team is a major contributing factor to the success on an agile project.

Could we use the pizza for more than just a measure of the size of a team but also the quality of the individual. Do you want someone who works back every night so needs to be allocated a piece of pizza. Does the type of pizza that a person eats indicate the type of team member they are,  you definitely wouldn’t have a team where only one individual like anchovies, it would just cause tension.

Oh the humble pizza have we underestimated the value of this culinary delight?



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