Silverlight: What will the adoption curve look like

Get Microsoft SilverlightWith Mix08 upon us it has been 12 months since Microsoft unveiled Silverlight. More and more I am presented with the “Get Microsoft Silverlight” icon i.e. I hit a site that has Silverlight content.

Unfortunately I live in a corporate environment with a SOE desktop and as such can’t install software personally. Now we are still running Windows XP and IE 6 which probably doesn’t provide a lot of leverage points for Microsoft to get it in here. The interesting thing is that we have flash installed which I am guessing given our use of adobe products may have not been by design.

Especially with the Silverlight 2.0 being announced at Mix08 the scenarios that Silverlight can be used, extends way beyond “flash games” and streaming media. Silverlight has to be a real consideration for business application the would be built with heavy use of DHTML.  

It has been interesting thinking about Richard Campbell’s hypothesis that Silverlight may provide an environment for people to start using WPF before progressing to full WPF on the desktop. Given the fact that the web is a better environment to create killer application I could defintely see the adoption curve for silverlight 2.0 being a lot steeper than that for WPF.

Once Microsoft can get the adoption of Silverlight from the hobyist to the point that it is added to our SOE build then this would be a good litmus test for its adoption generally. The sooner the better as far as I am concerned.



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