Client Architect

I new appointment for a Client Architect has just come over my desk, mmmm so what does a Client Architect do? According to the memo, a Client Architect:

  • Leadership of the infrastructure architecture
  • Representative in the infrastructure architecture community
  • Rationalising and resolving multiple potentially competing technical priorities
  • Manage and lead the development of project architectures

So what is the difference between this and a Solution Architect or an Infrastructure Architect. As a community we can’t bo doing ourselves any favours when we invent roles which don’t really add any value. Within our team we have five(5) types of Architects and we still haven’t agreement on who is responsible for what. As per the title of this blog it is hard enough to define what an architect is let alone all the different specific architect types we seem to like to create.



5 Responses to “Client Architect”

  1. A conceptologist by any other name « What is an Architect? Says:

    […] having at work is the value of having so may different types of Architects. I blogged about the new Client Architect role we were creating and my thought on that. Well the conversation is moving the other way where […]

  2. PSA Says:

    Same feelings about the “Solution Orchestrator” then?…

  3. Fred Says:

    Another bollox job title

  4. John Kellett Says:

    Since most countries the job title ‘architect’ is actually restricted to real architects who design building.
    The often illegal use by I.T. workers to make their geeky jobs sound more important is irritating!

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