Confluence usability issue

page-expired.jpgWe are using confluence at work as our wiki engine, which is a great step forward for us as an organisation. One thing with the software, that is constantly driving me crazy, is that the search page expires when you try to go back. I am assuming this is because they are are doing a post.

Search is good but you don’t always find the page you are looking for at the top of the list. When you are clicking few search results and constantly getting the Expired Page then needing to do a refresh it is definitely not a good user experience.


4 Responses to “Confluence usability issue”

  1. nitsai Says:

    Is there any fix for the page expired issue?

  2. Blair Says:

    I was doing a bit of research on this there is a issue rasied in the product database for this and the issue has been resolved in version 2.7 of confluence.

    We are using version 2.5.7 we just need to upgrade now.

  3. nitsai Says:

    Thanks Blair.. We are using Confluence version 2.6. Will there be any issue if i change my search redirect to GET without upgrading the version.

  4. Blair Says:

    We have just upgraded to V2.7.3 and still have the issue with the search. Looks like we aren’t the only ones. I guess we wil have to wait a bit longer.

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