The Geeks of tomorrow

I had an interesting discussion about tertiary IT courses and the consequences of Science housing the majority of the IT courses. On Coding Horror, Jeff had a post about How Should We Teach Computer Science. There is a business aspect to IT that just doesn’t seem to have enough focus in the computer science courses.

I know that when I was working at Expert IS that we hired a lot of people who had graduated from the Bachelor of Information Technology course from Swinburne. This was largely due to the course being more relevant to what actually happened in the real world. This was also helped in that there was an Industry-Based Learning component where they actually working int he IT industry as part of the course.

During an episode of Hanselminutes interviewing the interns at Corillian it was interesting to hear ‘young’ people talking about technology. Maybe because where IT has gotten to over the last couple of decades that how the technology works has been abstracted away that much that people are just happy with the product (eg iPod) and aren’t that worried about how it works.

I know that especially since the .com crash that there have been a few cries that that number of people doing IT courses is dropping. So where are the geeks of tomorrow going to come from if the products are such that you don’t need to know how they work and the courses are geared to teaching people how to build compilers what hope is there.


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