Inbox Zero

Inbox ZeroBefore Christmas a colleague introduced me to a process called Inbox Zero which provides a way to manage your inbox as apposed to having your inbox manage you. Well being the new year I thought it would be a good time to implement it. There ia a good webcast of Merlin Mann the creator of Inbox Zero presenting it to what seems to be Google.

One thing I seem to be finding now that I have a pretty empty inbox and shouldn’t be scanning it every couple of minutes is that I am pretty sure that I was using my inbox as a procrastination tool. It reminds me of the homework days when I used to go from my room to the kitchen and scan the cupboard on the odd chance that a chocolate bar had majically appeared since I last looked five minute prior.

Well now that I have procrastinated by blogging about it I had better get back to my task at had.

Sorry Boss!



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