Why do I keep Grokking things?

I am constantly aware that I am using the term Grokto describe when I understand something. I think it goes back to the Don’t Net Rocks podcast with Don Box and Chris Sells where Chris used it when referring to books as important for him to Grok a new concept like Ruby.

When learning new technologies to actually use it you need to figure out what problems it can solve and how you would use it to solve those problems. I remember when XML first came on the scene it made sense as far as self describing and technology agnostic but you then had to figure out what to actually do with it.

It is at this point where you figure out how you would use it is when you Grok it or as defined on wikipedia “It is an understanding beyond empathy and intimacy“.


One Response to “Why do I keep Grokking things?”

  1. Why do I keep Grokking things? Says:

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