Lava Lamps

red_bubblesOn one of the projects I am working on we are looking at setting up the red and green lava lamps as visual queues as to the status of the build. As part of the research in doing this we came across a great article on how to set the lava lamps up.

Some people may see this as a bit of a gimmick but I think it make the status of your build a focus point not only for the team but for anyone who comes into the project room. I have been on projects where the best intentions where to have continuous integration but slowly the build started to break and it became harder to fix and the quality of the build slowly deteriorated. If the team can have some pride in the status of the build and strive to keep that green lava lamp bubbling then I think it is a good thing.



One Response to “Lava Lamps”

  1. Kevin S. Says:

    I like the lava lamp idea… lava lamps look differently the longer they stay on, so there is some idea of not only red vs. green, but also how long.

    As a team member, I not only get upset when the light is red, but I get more upset as the light stays red and people keep checking in new code unable to run green tests. Having an outsider be able to walk in the room and realize this is, in my eyes, a good thing.

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