Thumbs Down to Biometrics

Security is a big deal these days and companies are going to all lengths to ensure that their data is secured. One facet of this is making passwords stronger and enforcing that users change their password on a frequent basis. Thumb scanners have appeared on the scene and at first glances you would assume that they are the ultimate password, unique, complex and unforgettable. Turns out that a gummy bear can be used to create a copy of your thumb pretty easy.

I am not sure how long the industry will take to catch on to this and either improve the devices and phase them out. Given that your thumbs spend most of their time gliding over your laptop leaving quality finger prints everywhere makes the above process even easier to use to gain access to someone’s computer.

Just to add another twist to this turns out Mercedes have added a biometric scanner to their S-Class cars. A carjacker obviously didn’t have a gummy bear so decided that he needed to real thing and cut the owners finger off and took it along with the car.

No laptop I have is worth my digit, so maybe it isn’t a good idea to link part of your person to your laptop.


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