Oh, is that all!

As per the title of my blog, in a way I am in search of the answer to the ultimate question, What is an Architect? I guess much in the same way the Answer to the Ultimate Question about Life, the Universe, and Everything was simply 42. The answer to the Ultimate Question What is an Architect could be as simple.

Reading a preview of the latest (No 12) of The Architecture Journal there is an interview with Pat Helland where he provides his view on what an Architect is.

“To make stuff up and sucker people into building it.” that’s the job of an architect!

Mmmmmmm, is that all I really do.

Now if I was the Architect who designed the Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai I could imagine the above comment being very true. Designing this would have been the architects first accomplishment, then convincing people it could and that they should build it would be the next great feat.


Maybe the good architects aren’t the ones who are technically brilliant but the better salesman.



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