Why Geeks don’t play Golf

It was an interesting morning today doing my usual read of blog posts and the like, over the first coffee of the day. A common theme around golf came up that seemed a little uncanny. First occurrence was while reading today’s Dilbert:

The next occurance was while reading Martin Fowler’s post on Rails Conf 2007. The comment that really caught my eye and stirred some emotion was this:

Corporate IT is dominated by bloatware. Time and time again we have to deal with expensive software purchased on golf-courses that just get in our way while sucking funds and development hours. Technologies that make it harder for programmers to do what they like to do best – make a difference for the businesses they are supporting.

Boy if this isn’t my life, if it isn’t the business bringing the solution to the table, it is them having just signed the contract for the product that delivers it as well. Thank to the benefit of a restructure every year or two the mess that all these golf course decisions creates just becomes a technology issue.

I must say that one of the skills I have been working on over the last couple of years is understanding the business drivers for a project. Technology likes to look at only the technical problems, but much like how you would compare quotes for an extension to a house, you want value for money.

Is Ruby able to revolutionise development such that we can deliver good value for money to the business? Unless it can also address the complexity of the environments that these ruby applications will have to function in, then it will only be a tool suitable for small to medium sized developments and won’t be able to break into the enterprise space.



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