Hello World – Orcas Beta

Downloaded Oracs in the C# Express Edition flavour, only a couple of hundred Megabytes which was good. Thought I better  do the standard Hello World application to give XAML the once over. Being a Beta 1 of Orcas I am pretty impressed with the speed Visual Studio. I have it running in a Virtual PC with 1Gig of RAM allocated to it.

First thing is that you still have to manually wire up your own events to controls. I believe this has been an ongoing issue with the CTPs, from discussion the Beta is the March CTP with some bug fixes therefore it hasn’t been fixed at this point.

public Window1() { InitializeComponent(); Button button = new Button(); button.Click += new RoutedEventHandler(ClickHandler); }

The other thing that caught me off guard was some of the XAML syntax. Given the standardisation of properties that seemed to occur in .Net trying to set the text of a label was a little obscure.

helloWorldLabel.Content = "Hello World";

I am guessing as I start to understand the power of XAML this will become obvious, but a TextBox has a Text property.

helloWorldTextBox.Text = "Hello World";

Mmmmm, what to look at next?


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