A leaky MVP

I was very surprised to read on Computer world, that after many years of previewing their products to MVP’s, that someone has decided to abuse the trust. Turns out that the CTP for Windows Home Server had been posted on the Hotfix.net web site.

I am sure people don’t realise the benefit to everyone of having a wide community that can beta test product before they are released. Computers environments are so varied and the way people want to use software just adds another dimension. Microsoft can’t imagine let along synthesise such environment so this is where they need to get appropriate people to act as beta testers. Personally as well as being able to provide feedback having access to CTPs of it is a great way to stay ahead of the pack.

MVPs are an important part of the community and are awarded based on their contribution. As part of being an MVP they can access to information and products that aren’t available for everyone to help them fill their roles as MVPs. Looks like having access to this information also helps MVPs maintain the Knowledge Pressure.

One Response to “A leaky MVP”

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    […] It wasn’t an MVP Just a quick update on the Leaky MVP. turns out it wasn’t an MVP that leaked the beta for Windows Home Server. The idea that an […]

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