Blogging gives you recruitabilityness

During a discussion on the Australian .Net Mailing List about agencies and finding a good job amongst the chaff. Andrew Matthews responded, suggesting that the person boost their recruitabilityness by blogging. Now I have only started blogging recently and I must admit that increasing my recruitabilityness wasn’t why I started. If I was going for a job I would probably include my blog in my resume or at least mention it in an appropriate context during the interview.

Blogs that I enjoy reading (see my blogroll) are people who I would see as having recruitabilityness. Jeff Atwood’s post about Why Can’t Programmers..Program?really sparked some interest and culminated in a podcast by Scott Hansleman on Hiring and Interviewing Engineers. A common theme was it doesn’t matter what you have on your resume I need to know that you have the Right Stuff to be a programmer.

A blog has to be a good place to find out about a candidate, it would be pretty hard to synthesis a good blog. You would be looking for:

  • Original Content not just rehashing other peoples content.
  • Content that matches their experience (eg C#, SQL Server etc).
  • Are they reading other blogs and being part of topic being discussed.

I would have to say that by blogging I have added another way for me to demonstrate by suitability for a job. It doesn’t replace having the technical knowledge and the experience but I don’t think you could have a blog that faked these things.

One Response to “Blogging gives you recruitabilityness”

  1. Andrew Matthews Says:

    Hi Blair,

    I agree that recruitabilityness is a poor reason for blogging – you’ve gotta want to do it, otherwise you couldn’t keep it up – it’s a significant investment of time. I think that it demonstrates that a person really cares about something. I think it hardly cares what sometimes, just that you care about something.

    I think you’ll probably also find that bloggers are typical maven types – knowledge gatherers and disseminators. Which for the kind of thing we do is a pretty good trait.


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