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On the current episode of .Net Rock, they interview Dan Appleman, who I along with of people rate as a genius. In my early coding days I had Carl and Gary’s VB Page open on my browser and Dan Applemen’s Guide to the Win32 API book on my desk, as my sources of reference, so listening to the interview was very nostalgic.

The bulk of the interview Dan was talking about his new site that is based on Google Custom Search. The site Search .Net only searches sites that Dan Appleman has personally critiqued, as Dan says:

I’m going to be fairly restrictive on the sites I include, focusing on sites with significant quality content, those with significant forum activities (where one is likely to find questions that have been answered), and “expert” sites – those with more advanced content written by experts in the field.

What a fantastic idea, if I am looking for information on .Net I can search content that Dan Appleman has personally said is of the right quality and more importantly isn’t noise. In the day of information overload it is good to find a filter like that that cuts down on that noise.
Great stuff Dan.



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