Is Ruby running with the pack?

There is a lot of discussion around Ruby and whether or not it can be mentioned in the same sentence as the Enterprise word. I’ll leave my input into this discussion for a later date but one thing I came across today caught me a little off guard.

In a recent episode of .Net Rocks there was a discussion about Cardspaces (Microsoft’s implementation of OpenID) and WCF by Michele Leroux Bustamante. Then in the same time-frame on one of my favourite blogs, Dan Bartholomew has implemented a CardSpaces module for DotNetNuke. Security is a big issue and obviously OpenID is an open standard that seems to have traction in the Microsoft space; there is an OpenID extension for Firefox….. I had better watch this space.

Then, after listening to the most recent podcast on the Rails Podcast, what should I find on Dan Webb’s blog but a post about an OpenID gem for Ruby. Now this is only a small thing but to find that the ruby community is able to add support to the ruby language for a standard like OpenID in a similar time-frame as Microsoft, makes me reconsider where Ruby is in relation to other technologies.


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