Code Camp OZ get there

Mitch just posted the tentative schedule for Code Camp OZ 2007. Unfortunately I won’t be able to see you there, but this is definitely something that you want to support. Greg Low indicated that they have had attendances around the 220 people mark over the last two years.

The planned list of sessions seemed to lack that nugget or two that made me feel I had to be at Code Camp OZ one way or another. I went and had a look at the Alanta Code Camp schedule to see what it was missing:

  • WPF/E
  • Windows Communication Foundation
  • Ruby
  • Agile (Designing, Testing and Refactoring)
  • Orcas

Thinking back on the podcasts that I have really enjoyed and got a similar excitement that I look for in a conference session are Reducing Code in the UI and Model/View/Presenter. These types of talks are more about here is a problem I deal with and here is a way I have found to solve it.

I am definitely setting myself up here commenting on the content of a volunteer event when I haven’t made a contribution. Might have to start thinking about my talk for 2008.


2 Responses to “Code Camp OZ get there”

  1. Craig Shoemaker Says:


    Thanks for the link to my UI patterns show. I just posted a new show about the Model View Controller and Model View Presenter patterns… I hope you like it!

    Craig Shoemaker

  2. Blair Says:


    I just listened to your show on MVC and MVP on my commute into work this morning. Was a great tease into the series of screen casts that you are putting together, I am definitely looking forward to them.

    One area of patterns that would be good to see, is addressing the subject of code smells and then refactor a pattern (eg Strategy) into your code. I bought Joshua Kerievsky book Refactoring to Patterns to understand that subject area better. It would be great to see some examples of this in a screen cast. Joshua may even be a good interviewee for one of your screen cast or a follow up podacast.

    Keep cranking those great podcasts out Craig.


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