Have the Correct Person ask the Correct Question

Jeff ‘ comments in the Why Can’t Programmers..Program? post really touches on the hit and miss nature of deciding on a candidate. In an interview situation you have to cover the technical traits of the developer but also can’t forget the cultural aspects as well.

During one of my interviews with an agency the interviewer was non technical as their normal technical interviewer had a poor track record but had hired some great non technical people for them. Well they armed him with ten(10) or so technical questions to make up for his non technical background. Well the questions where of the describe polymorphism nature rather than the which answer is correct a, b or c. So the interview was a case of ask the question hear my response and then show me the answer and ask if that was what I just said. I am not sure what their impression was of me at the end of the interview but needless to say I didn’t accept the job. 

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