So what exactly does an Architect do?

Being an Architect for the past eight years has been an interesting time for me but one thing that I constantly need to answer is, what does an Architect do? The usual response draws a parallel between the traditional architect from the building industry which seems to answer the question. As I answer these questions I find that I become less and less sure of what I actually do and importantly what value does the business I work for get from what I do.

Architect in some cases becomes the title given to someone who has reached a certain level of seniority within an organisation. Architecture as a dicipline though as some specific functions that it needs to fulfill and it is these that I hope to understand better.

Some of the podcasts that I listen to including ARCast and Software Engineering Radio have had many discussion about the subject of what the role of an Architect and I feel it is time for me to solidify my views on the subject. At this point in time this blog is going to become my whiteboard to explore what I think an Architect is, hope you enjoy the ride.



One Response to “So what exactly does an Architect do?”

  1. Mitch Denny Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

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